Windmill Game Ranch

Windmill Game Ranch

Whitetail / Exotic Hunting Packages

Package #5  One day of hunting, guide & two meals one buck one doe & all the hogs you can shoot.  $995.00
For overnight stay add $125 for lodging, & $25 for each additional meal.

Package #6 Two days of hunting, two nights of lodging with meals, one buck, two does & all the hogs you can shoot $1595.00 each

Additional days, meals & animals can be added: see price list for lodging, meals, guides, & trophy fees & etc.
Children hunters & Non hunting guest can be added for fee: meals $25 each & no extra lodging fee if room is shared.

Day Hunts and Corporate Dove Hunts

  • Day hunts for dove are available for individuals for $100.00 per day & discounts are available for small groups.
  • Day Hunts on Large Game Hunts: $200 for guide fee plus Harvest Fee (Large Game Hunts all come with Guide).
  • Corporate Dove Hunts ( 15 or more hunters) include: Food, Lodging, Entertainment with live band & awesome dove hunting for only $495.00 per person for 3 nights & two days of hunting.

Packages for Large Game

  • All Inclusive package includes: Guide, Ranch Transportation, Lodging, & Food as listed.
  • Non-hunting guests may accompany hunter for an additional $75 per day which covers shared room, meals and amenities.
  • Children under 12:  $50 each per day; children over 12: $75 each per day (both include food & sharing room with parent).  
  • Additional meals are $25 each.
  • Additional private rooms are $125 each.
  • Additional whitetail does are $100 each.
  • Additional free ranging whitetail bucks (eight point or better) are $750 each.
*  Field dressing:  No Charge
*  Skinning & Quartering: $30 on smaller animals $40 on larger animals ex. Red Stagg, Aoudad, Oryx
*  Caping:  includes skinning & Quartering: $50 on smaller animals, $60 on larger species.
  • Two day two night turkey hunting special $995 includes food, lodging, guide fee, transportation, and one harvested turkey.
  • Turkey day hunt $500 includes guide fee, transportation and one Gobbler.
  • Additional Gobbler: $300

Exotic Wildlife / Harvest Fees

Mouflon Sheep

Price: $1,995.00

The Mouflon Sheep originates in Greece, and has been a highly sought-after trophy for centuries. A mature male will weigh near 110 lbs, & sport symmetrical spiraling horns on each side.

Aoudad Sheep
Price:    $1995.00 & up

The Aoudad sheep hails from North Africa, and is considered by many to be the most challenging species of sheep to hunt. Both male and female have very large horns, but a full grown male can weigh over 300 lbs.

Axis Deer

Price:  $2500 & up

From India, the Axis Deer is not only prized for its tall antlers, but for its beautiful spotted coat. A full grown male Axis will weigh near 350 lbs., and is the prize of many exotic hunters.

Fallow Buck: $3000 & up

Scimitar Oryx $2500 & up

Also from Africa, the Scimitar Horned Oryx is one of the larger species of antelope in the world. Adults can weigh up to 300 lbs. and have horns as long as 40″ in length

.Addax Oryx: $2500 & up

Black Buck Antelope

Price:  $1995.00

The Black buck Antelope Originating from India,  has long spiraling horns, and distinct markings that make it an exotic hunter’s prized trophy.

Red Stag


230″-250″     $2995

250″-275″     $3995

276″-300″     $4995

301″-325″     $6000

326″-350″     $7500

351″-399″     $9000

400″-425″  $12,000  

426″-450″  $15,000

The Red Stag, or Red Deer, is famous as being Europe’s version of the Elk. Although smaller, the Red Stag can still grow to be almost 600 lbs. & with its antlers ending in an amazing crown it is considered more impressive than its American relative to most trophy hunters.


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